House Sitting Jobs – How To Find Them

When looking for the best house sitting jobs you have to take into consideration certain important aspects in this regard. If you get the right job it can be both rewarding and fun. However, there are a lot of pitfalls that you can stumble into if you do not go into your job hunt with both eyes open.

Once you start looking for a job as a house-sitter you have to think about what the owner is looking for in a sitter. Are they simply looking for somebody to stay in their home and keep it secure, or are they looking for somebody to water their plants, walk their dog and keep the house in spit-spot shape?

With so many self employment jobs to choose from, you have to decide if house sitting jobs are in fact the best jobs for your specific situation. Do you have a family that stays with you and whom you have to support? Are you often busy in the evenings and won’t always be available to watch the house you are “sitting” between 8pm and 8am? Do you have any kind of criminal record? Do you need to make a lot of money in very little time? If you answered yes to any of these questions it is quite possible that you are not best suited for a job as a house-sitter.

If you have a family that needs you for support, or if you have your own home that you need to watch and keep organized it will prove quite difficult to give the needed attention to the house you are “sitting”. Should you be unavailable on many evenings that you are supposed to watch the house, the owners will become understandably worried about the security of their home.

Most home owners will do a thorough background search before employing a house-sitter to watch after their home, and as such if you have any criminal record it will be difficult to find an owner that will trust you with their belongings.

As to the final question, house sitting jobs are not the best paying jobs that are available for those looking at how to go self employed, and as such should only be considered if you are aware of the pay-grade that you will be looking at.

If you are still ready to become a great house-sitter after considering all of the points above, you can search for home owners that are looking for candidates, both online and offline. The best ways to find owners online are through craigslist and other similar classified sites. Offline, you can consult your local newspapers and magazines, as these will have the latest house sitting jobs in your area.

How To Become A Self Employed Freelancer

Many of us have considered the conundrum of how to become a self employed freelancer, and have found that there are a number of things you need to query about yourself and the job space out there before you can quit your full time job in pursuit of this type of venture.

Freelance jobs are quite readily available, both online and offline, however, the amount of money you receive for these jobs vary drastically depending on your skills, the company you’re working for as well as your credentials.

When you start looking for information on how to become a self employed freelancer, you have to first identify your own skill set and what you can offer companies that they can’t get elsewhere for cheaper. With the internet at almost everybody’s fingertips it has become exceedingly easy for a big corporation in the USA or UK to hire a freelancer in India, China, South Africa or even Nigeria, who would be willing to work for a lot less money than a local citizen.

Due the above consideration, you have to prove yourself better, faster and more proficient in your job than anybody else that may apply for the position. You have to be willing to work long hours, work towards strict deadlines and do all of this better than everybody else that may apply for the position.

Amongst the best paying freelance jobs are: Freelance Computer Programming Positions; Freelance Graphic Design Positions; Freelance Article Writing Positions (For reputable magazines that offer between $50 and $1000 dollars per article) and Freelance Photography Positions. If you have a portfolio of high-calibre work in any of the before mentioned positions, you should be able to find freelance jobs that pays well and will leave you ample time to dabble in other areas.

There are many different sources with information on how to become a self employed freelancer; from published books on many different self employed jobs, to internet sites devoted to this field. If you are ready to take the leap and become a freelancer you have to consult these books and sites for vital information on your chosen career-change.

Once you have perused a good number of books and websites on the topic,, you will be ready to jump into this new and exciting world with both eyes open, because you will know all you need to about how to become a self employed freelancer.