Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

if you love animals, a great self employed job is to look after somebody else’s pets! As with children, it may be difficult for some people to ensure appropriate care for their pets, while they are at work. And this is where you come in, and this is where your passion for animals really comes into its own because you can get paid for it will stop

the easiest way to get started is of course if you know anybody already has pets and this challenge. Maybe you even know somebody who is already hiring a pet sitter, well they probably would be quite pleased to let a friend of theirs take over the contract – if you are a good friend and they trust you with their pets that is.

Otherwise, you might want to look at any local community groups, or at the local veterinary surgeon, or have a look online for any online outlets for people within your area, or a forum dedicated to pet sitting, which will likely have a section for people interested in pet sitting in your location. You might want to undergo a police check beforehand, as some people may wish to see this before hiring you.

Of course we have mentioned dogs, but there may be other pets that are the focus, for example maybe your required just to check up on the cat. If the cat is left indoors during the day, then of course it will need its cat litter tray cleaned, and you will need to ensure it has an ample supply of waterand is fed regularly. Or perhaps they have rodents or birds.

For dog walking, to ensure it’s worth your while, you will be looking to walk typically up to 4 dogs at a time. You will need to ensure that the dogs get on with each other, and be familiar with any local laws of the park that she may take the dogs to. You may also wish to ensure that you have details of the local veterinarian and dog warden. As you are charging per dog, depending on your client, you could easily charge between 15 and £50 per dog, per hour. Similarly, if your pet is minding then you will charge a daily rate.

The great thing about this job is there is very little expense to you, you simply turn up, take the dogs away if you are not pet sitting at home, exercise the dogs, and bring them back. Everything else that is needed such as food and other necessities, will be provided by the owner. The fantastic thing about walking dogs as well is that you get to experience some fresh air for yourself, and some exercise if you are running around with the dogs. And of course just like childminding, you get to experience the joy of looking after child, but without actually having the responsibility of having permanent responsibility over them.

In fact the only real negative about this type of work is that when the holiday seasons arrives, you will be most in demand. Although that is a strong positive if you do not tend to go away much during the holidays yourself anyway, in which case you can relish in theamount of offers, and the premium that you can charge for the holiday season. Happy pet setting!

5 Self Employed Ideas For A Part Or Full Time Income

Determining the best self employed ideas to earn yourself an extra income can be difficult, as it depends on the nature of the careers, especially how it fits your personality type, your skill set, and the amount of time you can spend working. If you simply consider the amount of money you can make through the career when looking for a list of best jobs, this list will not be of much help.

Self employment jobs are a dime a dozen, and as such narrowing it down to a list of five can be very daunting, but some people know they want to work for themselves, but would like to see some self employment ideas to help them decide or inspire new ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and rather than considering the traditional professional self employed professions, this article is geared towards those that. In no particular order, here they are.

  • Freelance Photographer. If photography is a passion of yours, and you have the necessary equipment and skills, this may be a great way of making good money from home. The best places where you can look for freelance photography opportunities are online magazines, as they are always looking for unique and interesting photographs. There are also a number of online stock photo providers that are looking for freelancers to provide those photos.
  • Freelance Writer Or Freelance Graphic Designer. Are you an aspiring writer, who would love to write for magazines or even write your own book, or just happy to simply write articles for people looking for fresh and original articles? Freelance writing is both rewarding and challenging, but should only be considered if you truly have a passion for writing. Pay does vary and will depend largely on demonstrable quality of work and experience.
  • Freelance Computer Programmer. It is a known fact that there are more trained programmers than needed out there today, however, if you have the skills, and are willing to work for a pay that may be below that which is paid by Microsoft, you can make good money working from home in this area.
  • Selling of items online. With ebay still as hot as ever, it is simply outrageous not to consider buying and selling items online as a viable way of working from home. Many people have made a living this way, and so can you if you have enough stock a product that will sell fast (for example dvds and antiques).
  • Freelance Graphic Designer. Amongst the employment spectrum, this is a relatively new position, however, there are hundreds if not thousands of graphic designers that have made a ton of money working from home. With the relentless growth of the Internet, companies and business are continuing to look for graphics and logo designs to help carve out their identity and distinguish them from competitors. If you have a knack for drawing, you will be in demand. When looking at self employed careers this is definitely not one to simply dismiss out of hand if you are skilled at graphic design.

As mentioned, there are plenty of self employed ideas for jobs out there, but hopefully the above will have at least inspired you to think of other possibilities if you have not seen an idea that suits you outright.