Self Employed Jobs – Ask Yourself These Questions Before Considering Self Employment

Many people at some point in their life consider whether there are any self employed jobs that they can do, particularly in times where the state of the economy is in poor condition, employees are getting laid off, and people start to feel vulnerable. After all who likes to feel that the next redundancy might fall upon them? Or who likes to have that feeling that somehow they were not good enough to remain employed over that over person that is a slacker who is simply good at sucking up to the boss? At this point in time, one realizes that the comfortable income that they were earning was only an exchange for the privilege of being valued as an employee. They realize if not remember that a job is a business contract not a guarantee of being hired for life. They realize that either they are dependent on someone else for their money, which subsequently also affects their health and well-being, or they can set about finding a way to earn that money for his or herself.

So what kind of self employed jobs do people actually do? Actually that question should be answered later down the line. The number one reason for this is that most people need to start off by examining what they like and what they are good at. This helps them identify what work they can do to earn money on a self employed basis. Ask yourself, is there is an existing skill that you can use straight away? Maybe you have a skill that is transferable to a different style of work? This point is essential as not many people can be successful doing work that is out of their depth. And not many people can be successful doing work that does not motivate or inspire them.

The next big question is do you want to work for yourself full time or part time? Your personal psychology as well as finances will play an important decision here. For most people, although they may wish to answer full time, they will realize that they have to start part time from both a personal and psychological point of view. And starting part time is the most logical decision. While you are earning a living on your full time job, you start learning and developing the skills and self discipline to become truly independent and successful part time. Who really wants to risk everything by taking the plunge, quitting their job and hoping that everything will work out? It is far safer to be earning a regular income while building a name, brand and reputation for yourself in your chosen field of business. Additionally, if you are going to work for yourself it is now your turn to tell yourself when you will work, what work you will do, and how you will do that work. Not many people are disciplined enough to get into a routine by jumping straight into working for themself full time, without first having built these skills up part time.

So discover what your likes and skills are, assess your level of self discipline and financial situation, and then fairly weigh up whether you should look to move into working for yourself full time, or take the safer approach of building yourself up towards full time self employment by starting part time. Then you will be in a strong position to move forward and consider what self employed jobs might be good for you.

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