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Due to the rise of the Internet, many opportunities have been opened up for people looking for self employed jobs to make money working from home. Many people are now starting up Internet Jobs, or as the part-timers call it, Make Money Online Jobs.

Think the dot-com boom was the beginning and end of the Internet boom? Nope, it was just the end of fly by night companies having investors falling over themselves to invest in something they didn’t really understand the value of, artificially inflating the price of many start ups that didn’t really have much to offer.

There’s plenty of room for the little people now, and fresh ideas like the social networking sites seen in recent times are always appearing.

Now you don’t have to create the next big social networking site – although I’m sure you wouldn’t say no if you could do so. But you can certainly start small and work your way up.┬áThere are a number of places online that teach you how to do this from complete novice, to someone that is a little more web technology savvy.

There are many different models for doing this. Here are a few that you can do if you have your own website:

Pay per click – typically having a search engine display your ad when a user performs a search on one of the search engines (google, yahoo, bing, etc.) and/or when users visit specific sites with related content. If the user clicks on the ad you get charged for the click. The aim of this model is to get the customer to buy a product of yours or a product of someone you are affiliated with.

Cost per Action – you get paid for a certain action taken by a customer introduced by you, e.g. a customer arrives at a website owned by you and you have an advertisement for a company’s product on your site. If they trialling out the product you get paid.

Search Engine Marketing – it’s not enough to simply own a website. You need to learn how to market it to the search engines too to ensure you get a favorable ranking over your competitors. Being on the first page is critical.

Blogging – some people do this for fun, but it is also profitable. The term derives from Web (or Internet) Log (as in a log file or diary). As the name implies it’s about tracking events of some kind – it could be news and events of a business, or it could be a diary of someone’s personal life, or about someone’s interest/hobby. The more you write, the more people will find your blog through the search engine, and the more regular readership base will build up. From here there are several strategies you can employ to start earning money from your blog. You can sell space on your blog for other people to advertise on. You can get paid for allowing one of the search engines to carry related advertisements on your blog. You can advertise other people’s products.

The above are just a few examples.

It’s recommended to start with an educational type outfit that can teach you and offer support, either directly and/or via a community or forum of like-minded individuals

If you’re more of a product type of person, then a popular program that walks you through a number of methods of making money online can be found here:

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