Best Self Employed Job With The Least Money Invested

The question of would be the “Best Self Employed Job With The Least Money Invested” is somewhat of a catch 22, as you can not really answer a question about what the best self employed jobs are for someone with the least money involved on a specific level. Sure you can make suggestions on a generic level, but ideally, the person needs to consider what type of job they can do.

For example, if you are a sociable type that loves meeting and striking up new relationships, then a network marketing opportunity might be viable for you. However, be aware of any initial membership fee or product purchase requirement for joining, and any ongoing costs to maintain your membership or level in the program.

If you are someone that enjoys working with computers and does not have much need for constantly being around people, then you may find a work from home job like article writing, data entry, website creation or programming, graphic design or Internet marketing more appropriate. If you want people to come to you, you may need to pay advertising costs, pay for hosting space for a website and other start up costs.

And of course in the middle of those two personality types, instead of trying to go it alone and hope to attract or create business, you could become a freelancer for hire. This is a great option for people not quite ready to go full time self employed, or who wish to gain more experience and maybe build a client base and test the market, or people that wish to simply earn an extra income part time or while unemployed or not working.

There are people out there willing to pay you for all kinds of work, some of which you are already skilled at. And others for which the work will be new to you, but the outfit offering the contract will be willing to train you.

On freelancing websites such as you can either browse through contracts being offered and make a bid for that contract. Or on you can also create a searchable profile where you list your skills and people looking to hire someone with those skills come searching for you.

Which method will be the most effective for you of course will depend on how much demand there is for those skills. If it is a rare skill then of course you may indeed be headhunted. If your skills are not especially rare and unique, then you might be much better to search and bid for a contract yourself.

Freelancing can be a viable means of becoming self employed if there are a good number of people looking to hire people with your skills on an ongoing basis. Or alternatively, you could be in demand by simply having a skills that is in very high demand and with a small amount of qualified people. The former of course is more ideal from a more stable income point of view, although of course how secure that income is will depend on what arrangement you have with the person or company that hired you. Whereas with the latter it will depend on market demand ad market competition.

The great thing about freelancing as opposed to other forms of self employed job is that it does not need to cost you anything. If you use a site like or a small service or introductory fee is simply deducted from either your contractual fee or paid by the hirer, or perhaps a combination of both. No need to stump up the several hundred dollars, pounds, or whatever currency you use, as there would be for most other kinds of self employed venture.

So what would be the “Best Self Employed Job With The Least Money Invested” that really depends on you. You have many options available.

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