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Self Employed Jobs

Self employed jobs are jobs for people that want to work for themselves rather than as an employee of someone else.

They are jobs where you employ yourself part-time as well as full-time, the main thing being that you are not tied down as a hired company employee.

What do you need to think about if you’re planning to go self employed?

Well if you’re ready to actually take on the excitement, and the challenge of the world of self employment, then there are few preliminaries that you need to consider. As we may have just successfully hinted, do not expect this to be an easy ride, unless you have built up many years of experience, such that the only thing that you are needing to do is to break away from a full-time job, to go full-time self employed.

Self employed jobsBecause being self employed is quite a tough challenge, you had better make sure that you have the right mindset before considering being your own paymaster. If you are used to slacking off at work, doing the mini-mall mount, or waiting until you are chased upon to get urgent tasks completed, then a self employed job may not be for you. Once your income is not something that you can expect to receive at the end of the month for a set amount consistently, everything changes. Working for yourself does not automatically work out just because you decide one day to cancel your job and try to make a self employed job work.

So one of the first things about self employment that you will need to ensure you have taken care of, is that you have a large amount of cash reserve, to tide you over while you get your feet firmly grounded. You should have at least three months worth of wages minimum to keep you covered without getting desperate. Six months to a year’s cover is even better, as you then need to worry less about rushing back into a job if your self employed business seems to be slow at taking off.

Self Employed  Jobs – Are You Suitable?

So what about you the individual – are you ready to take on the challenging world of being your own boss? Are you able to ensure days where you may not have any business at all? Or shall we say, are you prepared to end your having mumps where you have perhaps less than half of the wages that you were receiving at the end of each month in your job? Do you know your strengths? Do you know your weaknesses? If you do not, it may help you to get a good book on career change, to help you identify and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where your weaknesses are, and where your strengths lie, will help make sure that you are on the right track to getting started with your new business.

You also should consider what kind of skills you have. The most obvious place to look of course is your career history. What jobs have you done? What skills that you require to perform those jobs? These will give you a good overview of some of the business skills that you have already acquired. After you have these, then think about your personal and professional skills that you have that can translate directly into your own business. For example do you have a hobby that you regularly perform? If so then maybe commitment is one of your strengths. Do you help facilitate a social or community group? If so then you may recognise that meeting and group facilitation skills and leadership skills are all in your repertoire.

Another thing to consider, is whether your self employed job is something that seriously interests and motivates you. Because if you do not do a job that you love, then you may struggle and find it very hard to make a success of it. This is especially true if you need to deal with people, if you’re not enjoying your job people will notice. If you are loving your job, people will be only too happy to do business with you because happiness is contagious, and nobody wants to buy from a miserable git.

If you have skills gaps, then you may wish to plug these up by looking for a business partner, or hiring somebody with the skills domestically, or if it permits, internationally. There is a fantastic market out there right now for freelancers who can take their skills gained from employment and enter the world of self employment with them. You write a job description, and the vast pool of freelancers in the markets will respond to your advert. This enables you to work smarter rather than harder. If you have a skills weakness, and you can get somebody to work with you that has that skill, this is a fantastic solution to that problem.

Again let’s reiterate, a self employed job is not the instant ticket to a hammock on the beach lifestyle. In fact some people, they may end up working even longer hours than they did when they were a full-time employee. So you really must enjoy the job that you are going to do. This especially true of the early days, where you will need to expend effort to build up your business, and may injure or a number of days where there is little to no business at all. Having a job where you are self employed can be started part time. This is best for many people, as part time allows them to keep the security of their full time income while they build their business part time.

Self Employed Jobs May Mean Lack Of Social Life

You may also need to put your social life on hold for a while while building up the business of your self-employed job. This may include that luxury holiday that you were planning to go on. It may also become difficult to see and interact with family as well, so you may wish to let them know what’s crying on with you, so that they understand rather than get immediately frustrated by seeing less and less of you.

But this the price that we have to pay for the pursuit of doing work that we love. The goal must always be on not being at the bottom of the hill, but that you can and will reach the summit.

Support is Importants For Seekers Of Self Employed Jobs

If you can, get the support of your friends and loved ones. Ensure that they appreciate what struggles you are about to go through as a self-employed individual, and stand ready to be needed, should you ever need to call on them. It is absolutely essential that the people closest to you support you when looking for self employed careers. It is incredibly deflating and defeating to have people close to you that clearly think you are insane about the idea of ever becoming successful. So you really must ensure that your friends and loved ones understand what you are doing so there is no ridicule and perhaps resentment from them.

Another thing you can do to seriously help you in your efforts in looking for finding  a job that enables you to set your own hours and pay is to go out to networking at events. Networking offers you two things, the chance to make new contacts for business development or personal reasons, or to go networking to see who you can offer a service to, or to discover what is being offered to the visitors.

To help you with support, mentoring, and coaching, you may wish to join a professional business group, or a community group which meets regularly to provide support, mentoring, or coaching to those that say they need it.

Self Employed Jobs Conclusion

So now that you know the things that you must consider before you decide whether a  place in the self employment market is for you, take the time out to consider them. The idea of being self employed sounds wonderful, but so many try and fail because they do not have the mindset of an entrepreneurial or self employed individual, there are not able to ensure periods where work does not come through, and they will likely give up too easily anyway and go back to looking for a job as an employee. Do not consider self employed jobs if you feel you are likely to be unhappy, unable to cope or tend to be a quitter.

If you are a go-getter, and are driven to achieve success, then you’re putting yourself in good company. People who are self employed and/or starting businesses that employ others are what drives the economy, they leave you feeling useful, powerful, and in control, of not only your finances but also your life. That’s the power of self employed jobs.